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Discussing Scientific Papers

Whales have big bones!

History of Life Interns

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2014 Interns

Fossil Cephalopods

Finding Fossils, New Brighton Beach State Park

Dissecting a Sand Crab

Visiting the UCMP in 2014

Bean Hollow Field Trip

Presenting Research at AGU

Bean Hollow 2014

Fossils at New Brighton Beach State Park

Tide Pooling at Bean Hollow State Beach

Presenting Research

Exploring San Francisquito Creek

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The History of Life Internship program is an intensive, 8-week research and learning experience for Bay Area high school students. The program combines classroom learning, field trips, and authentic scientific research. The centerpiece of the program is cutting-edge research in the field of paleobiology. Students gather original data on the evolutionary history of ancient life and use those data to formulate and test scientific hypotheses. Most students present the results of their projects at the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, which is the worlds largest professional earth science conference.

Bay Area students apply online!