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What We Do

Stanford Earth Young Investigators: Biodiversity (a.k.a, The History of Life Internship) is an intensive, 8-week research and learning experience for Bay Area high school students. The program combines classroom learning, field trips, and authentic scientific research. The centerpiece of the program is cutting-edge research in the field of paleobiology. Students will conduce original analyses to better understand the evolutionary history of ancient life. An important part of the program is learning how to  formulate and test scientific hypotheses. New in 2018, interns will focus their efforts on a single collective research project that will study the evolutionary trends in body size, ecology, and physiology of marine animals over the past 550 million years.


Feb 19 2015 Stanford Earth
New Stanford research shows that animals tend to evolve toward larger body sizes over time. Over the past 542 million years, the mean size of marine animals has increased 150-fold.
Dec 15 2013 History of Life
The History of Life Interns conducted original research on the body size evolution in echinoderms and ostracods.  Seven groups, consisting of 15 interns, presented their research at the most recent Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union.  Their poster session took place on Thursday,...
students working in group
Sep 27 2013 Stanford Earth
A group of teens in a summer program at Stanford’s School of Earth Sciences found exceptions to a few long-held rules about evolution.