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2013 Interns Present at AGU

interns presenting

Sahej & Andrew at work at their poster

Dec 15 2013

The History of Life Interns conducted original research on the body size evolution in echinoderms and ostracods.  Seven groups, consisting of 15 interns, presented their research at the most recent Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union.  Their poster session took place on Thursday, December 12th from 9:00 AM - Noon at the Muscone Center (Hall A-C Moscone South) in San Francisco.

Session ED41A: Bright STaRS: Bright Students Training as Research Scientists

Ostracods (abstracts and posters) - Linked to Research

  • Ostracod body size trends do not follow either Bergmann’s rule or Cope’s rule during periods of constant temperature increase by Catherina Xu, Purnima Seshadri and Vaishali Amin
  • Ostracod Body Size as a Variable of Biomass by Amogh Pathi, Daniel Guo and Aditya Sriram

Echinoderms (abstracts and posters) - Linked to Research

  • Blastoid Body Size – Changes from the Carboniferous to the End-Permian by Long Nguyen and Rufhiline Tolosa
  • Studying the Body Sizes of Echinoidea during the Mesozoic Era by Edgar Tenorio, Saigopini Panneerselvam, Adyota Gupta
  • Effect of environmental variables on body size evolution of crinoids between periods of mass extinctions by Trisha Jani
  • Studying the Relative Strengths of Environmental Factors that Influence Echinoderm Body Size Trends by Andrew Low and Sahej Randhawa
  • Mass extinctions show selective patterns in crinoid body sizeby Alondra Soto, Cathy Tang and Mayra Pelagio