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Amogh Pathi

Projects are fun

posted Jul 31, 2013

So far we've been working on our projects, and it is a lot if fun. Being able to work on something of our own is really fun. It's super cool to be able to think up and understand concepts which would never occur to you in everyday life. It's nice to be able to do more that makes me think.

The Cantor Art Museum was also fun. Going through history with art was a fun experience. I also found a statue that looks like Edgar in 50 years. Along with that we went to UCB, and it was cool to go around and look at real fossils of ancient creatures. Their size and proportions were gigantic. Viewing the fault activity was really eye opening. I never knew the full extent of earthquake damage. All in all this week was quite fun.


Fossils at the beach

posted Jul 12, 2013

Last we had a lot of fun at the beach! However, not exactly in the way you'd normally expect it. Equipped with our newly attained knowledge of fossils it was really cool how we could actually understand the fossils and creatures at the beach. It was amazing to be able to understand that the face of the cliff was actually 1.8 million years worth of sedimentary deposit!The fossils were even more amazing, it was cool to actually be able to see the fossils that we had been studying for the past few weeks. Just being able to think about geological formations, such as trying to figure out reasons for cliffs that were 90 degrees out of place, was mind opening. Last week was very very cool.