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Angelo Hernandez

Now that this internship has ended...

posted August 5, 2016

Now that this internship has ended, I have to say it was very tiresome but worth it. From collecting data on nematodes to making our research projects, to making graphs on R. It was all very time consuming but gave a realistic view of how it will be when taking of the field of science as a professional career. Working with Noel and being able to work with all the fellow interns was an amazing experience, the field trips were also very cool and helped us grow closer and also explore the things we were learning about and seeing them for ourselves. Thank you for an amazing summer!

We are about to close out for the Stanford Young Investigators internship program...

posted July 20, 2016

We are about to close out for the Stanford Young Investigators internship program, and I’ve had a blast. Working with many high school students interested in some of the same topics as I am including many other topics that they bring to the table as individuals has been very interesting. The camping trip was a very fun opportunity where I was able to bond with many of the interns and grow closer to them. The nature at the campsite was very nice and it was very fun going on multiple trails with one of the interns. The next day, on the hike up Pinnacles, I saw many beautiful sceneries on multiple sides of the mountain, including many different cool shifts in rocks, fossils, and different varieties of rocks all on one trail.

On top of these fun experiences, I have also learned many new interesting things going on in the science world. The presentations given by the Stanford researchers every day or so really open my mind to new ideas and fields of science that I had never thought of while also giving their individual path to where they are at. Hearing their stories inspires me. Lastly, the computer program R, has been the main program we have been working with. This program is used by many scientists of many different fields and give me experience and familiarity with the program, possibly helping me in the long run.

My first impression of my new lab...

posted June 29, 2016

My first impression of my new lab is that is it kind of bland and not very exciting like I thought it would be. I hope to learn how researchers interpret data and what they do with it in terms of next steps going forward. The days in the lab have been filled with monotonous work but at points are rewarding such as after many days of staring at the same old clumps of dirt, my partner and I finally found nematodes in the sediment. Before I arrived at Stanford, I thought science research would be more work outside of the lab and out in the field. Instead, Stanford has shown me that this is not the case.