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Claudia Torres

learning about earth

posted July 12, 2013

During these past few weeks I have been waking up super early -_- since I come all the way from Oakland. Transportation isn't that easy, its tiring and irritating, but I still Choose to come.

In the Earth Science Program I have been collecting data from books and saving it into the computer. I've learned many new things that I had no knowledge about before or even knew existed. I'm usually just in this room collecting data sitting on a computer, but I've also had the chance to watch presentations. Presentations of other professors and students. They tell us about what they're working on, what they've learned, and what they're going to continue doing and how they plan to do that. It's nice to see how everyone is interested in searching about something different and teach each other about it. I find it interesting how there's so much to discover that we don't know about our Earth.

Besides all that I've also met a lot of new people and had a chance to get to know them more during breaks and lunch. I think that's awesome because besides learning about earth we're learning about each other since we all come from different places. Feels nice to be in a space with others who also want to work are here because they want to, and to feel comfortable with them. I know this will be an amazing experience that I won't forget, spending my summer at Stanford with strangers.Lol