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Edgar Tenorio

a Sabre Tooth Tiger skull

posted Aug 01, 2013

Lately, we've been working on projects nonstop in History of Life. While it's tough and a lot of work, seeing our results and getting to analyze them is so rewarding. Now we just have the poster to finish up and our work for the summer will be complete. The field trip to Berkley was extremely fun. I loved looking at all the fossils and even getting to see a Sabre Tooth Tiger skull. It was interesting to see how the stadium there moved with the fault and how the creek completely changed direction due to tectonic movements. I'm very excited to get to present out findings at AGU this winter and getting to see all the other projects students like us have done, though I am a bit nervous. The internship is almost over and I'm really sad that it's ending so soon. I've made a lot of friends this summer and learned so many valuable lessons that will help me throughout life.

fossilized whale bones

posted July 08, 2013

I've had so much fun so far during the internship. I was a bit worried when I first came in, not knowing the type of people who would be attending or the work I would be doing. My fears were quickly calmed when I met everyone on the first day. Every single person was so friendly and I've made so many new friends.

The work, while it can be tedious at times, is still very interesting. Making graphs and being able to see trends in the size of different fossils during different time periods is incredibly intriguing and is getting me to think of ideas for what project I will be doing. We will finally start our projects on Monday, something I have been looking forward to all summer, even though I am not 100% sure on what project I want to do.

My favorite part of the internship overall was the field trip to all the beaches. I would never expect to see fossilized whale bones just lying on the beach. Overall this has been a very fun experience and I'm looking forward to the rest of the internship.

Whale bone fossil