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Enrique Baeza

August 3rd 2016 marks the last day...

posted August 6, 2016

August 3rd 2016 marks the last day of this internship and it has been an amazing eight weeks here at Stanford. I have learned so much, and I am glad that it will be knowledge that I will take with me forever! It is quite depressing how I will never see the other interns again but it’ll be great to look back and see how much we moved forward together. I still remember the first day and how I thought eight weeks would take a long time and would have plenty of time to learn, but I was wrong. I now figured that you should always ask as many questions as you can each day because time will eventually run out and you will wish you had in the future. I learned so much from my supervisor Noel, he taught us how to code, analyze many things, and how to see many theories that we read about. If there’s one thing I regret, it’d be not exploring the campus at Stanford, most of my lunch time I spent it at the same spot for eight weeks, but oh well.

Overall, I can truly say that my time at this internship was great, each day I felt like i really grew as an individual and became a better version of myself.

So it has now been five weeks...

posted July 20, 2016

So it has now been five weeks, and they have been great! I now know my fellow interns on a personal level and it makes things much easier. Although I couldn’t attend the camping trip, I was still able to listen about the experience from other interns. Noel has brought in many other guest speakers that continue to inform us about the many opportunities we have ahead of us. I have become much more familiar with the campus and everything around me.

We are currently working on a research project of our own. I was just introduced to coding, it is quite difficult to master, but it sure does save you a lot of time. Each intern also gave a presentation of their own favorite animal (natural history, taxonomy, code of behavior, description, and habitat). It has not been my turn to present yet, but I am really excited for that day to come. There are two weeks left and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me.

Hello, my name is Enrique...

posted June 28, 2016

Hello, my name is Enrique and I am apart of the biodiversity group! It has been a beautiful experience so far. I have been learning a whole lot ever since the first day this internship has started. So far we have been collecting data and reading articles about nematodes. We also went out on campus to collect some dirt to see what can possibly be in it (nematodes and other insects). My partner and I found a couple of nematodes, it was my first time ever looking at them under a microscope, and they looked very interesting. We saved the dirt in a small container and will continue to analyze them every once in awhile to see if there are any changes.

We got to visit two beaches, one in Capitola and the other in Santa Cruz. That day we took a look at shells, fossils, and the delightful beaches. Every other day, Noel, our supervisor, has brought in guest speakers who each have their story to tell, and of course talk about their research. Let me tell you that it is quite amazing to see all the diverse research each individual does, for example there was a guest speaker who studies oceans, and then a few days later we met someone who studies ants. Having the opportunity to meet all the other interns is great because you see all the different routes each one wants to take. This internship has helped me in so many ways as well. For example, it has opened my eyes to all the careers that are available out there. There are really no limits, in fact the only person who can possibly stop you is yourself. Noel has taught us so much, it seems like he has an answer to every single question possible. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next five weeks!

Santa Cruz