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Kelvin Ngo

So how’s everyone doing? Great?? Great to hear!!! Hahaha

Ok so it’s been an AMAZING 8 weeks and I’m am really glad to have taken part of this program. I loved it. Even when I fell asleep here and there during lectures. One of the best things you can do is listen to someone who’s really passionate and knowledgeable about their specific study or field and that’s exactly what this program has let me do through all the speakers (especially enjoyed the elephant guy. HE’S A BEAST!). I really loved all the independence we were given during data collection and our research projects. Interacting with the other interns during those times and taking breaks to walk around campus was really cool. I loved the freedom and that’s probably what I’m going to remember this internship for. Being on a new refreshing campus with new people and being able to explore it all. Noel is an amazing mentor and open to questions, which was really helpful considering we were being exposed to so many new things! Shoutout to him he’s awesome!

The final day was nothing less of spectacular. I got to see what the interns in the other labs were working on and that was really cool! The agriculture section seemed really satisfying to work at and John hit a sick dab. The lab environment seemed really interesting and their work seemed so specific and detailed. If I do have the freedom to come back and apply to this program, I’d definitely look into applying to a different section as they seem really interesting to be a part of!

Shoutouts to:
Aditya for being a dinosaur
Alex/Sasha for getting his fish stolen
Amy I wasn’t the only one asleep during lectures
Angelo good luck at becoming tarzan
Ben being a dank memer and an okay data partner
Catalina ur a beast on the ACT
Charin for being a bird, but you’ll never beat me at tetris
Enrique you’ll never be as buff as me but ur hella funny (finger…)
Grace questions and you suck at BS poker
Iris hope u catch a dragonite or something
Izzy popcorn
Jackie không hiểu tiếng việt
Margot for being a smartass
Naomi ur a great dancer
Sai bus stop across from safeways everytime
Will for taking my poptarts
Benji and Anthony I’ll see u in hell on Tuesday

See you guys same time tomorrow 9AM
Just kidding hope everyone the best and it was an amazing summer :)

Group of interns
Two interns flexing


The Beginning of the End

posted July 20, 2016

These last few weeks have gone by surprisingly fast and hellllllaaaaaaaaaaa stuff has happened!! We’ve been reading and discussing “Biology’s First Law” and it’s been surprisingly interesting. I’m so ??¿¿? about it because I’ve only ever enjoyed reading fiction and I haven’t taken a biology class in high school yet so the technical terms kinda confuses me making the book hard to comprehend, but the discussions the group has makes the book so interesting!! It’s wild. We recently paused data collection, but it’s still all good because we’re moving onto our research projects and there’s still slaps playing while I work >:). I recently gave my natural history presentation on cattle and I gave it a comedic twist so that was pretty lit too haha.

YOOOO let me tell you about the camping trip. It was lit, but not lit. It was my first time camping and everyone was pretty chill, so it was an overall good experience. The hike was fun too, great views on the way to the top. BUT. There was no signal. The camping trip really made me appreciate the comfort that comes with living under a roof. The first thing I did after getting back from that trip was taking a shower. And it was the best shower I’ve ever taken. Camping was really fun, but I think I would choose the indoors anyday. I think that’s also a reason why I chose to join badminton over tennis, but that’s another story.

Sleeping intern

If you have any questions or you want to collab hit me up at! Haha and to close it off here’s a derp of Ben from our camping trip!

Summer '16 : Only the Beginning!

posted June 29, 2016

On a scale of 0 to 14, I’d give this program a 0 because it is far from basic.

Hey guys. The Biodiversity program here at Stanford Earth has been A1 since day 1 for these past two weeks! It’s been a wild and an eye-opening experience so far and I’m here to share it.

People often look for Superman when Clark Kent is right in front of their nose. It’s safe to say that this program has proven that phrase by showing some sick stuff in the local space. This year we’re focusing on nematodes, small organisms that can be found easily if one takes a closer look (literally with a microscope hahaha). Interns have collected soil samples from around Stanford and have observed nematodes, as well as some other organisms (such as maggots), through microscopes. Data collection of nematodes is probably one of the less exciting activites, but it’s all good looking. Knowing the data comes in handy later on makes it all cool and being able to play slaps while working is a plus.

The most hyphy feature so far for me has been the lectures from guest professors and grad students. One of the most trill things a person can do is be insanely passionate about a subject and be able to communicate their subject of interest in detail. It’s just so interesting to listen to! As a young high school student in search of something I can dedicate an extended period of my life towards, these lectures have been so helpful for me to think about what I’m interested in yadadimean.

These past two weeks have been hella lit, with fellow interns being pretty chill and so many educational experiences happening daily, and I’m looking forward to the next 6 weeks!