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Naomi de la Torre

The past five weeks have been the most fun...

posted July 20, 2016

The past five weeks have been the most fun I've ever had during any summer vacation. I have learned so much, made new friends, and tried new things. My favorite part so far was the camping trip. It was the first time I had gone camping and it was totally amazing! I also really like the boat trip. Looking at all the different fish and learning about the San Fransisco bay was really cool. I never knew there were so many fish in the bay until then.

When we first started the research project I was a little scared because I have never done a research project like this. I feel a little more comfortable now because my partner Charin is teaching me how to code and make most of the graphs. I think our question is really interesting because I am very interested in ecology and I can't wait to present our research at AGU.

In my scientist mind...

posted June 29, 2016

In my scientist mind I won't forget about the most recent field trip because I have never seen real fossils outside of a classroom. I thought that they were really cool and I was amazed by how old those rocks on new brighton beach were. Also I love going to the beach, and the second beach we visited was really pretty and I had never been there before either. I also had a lot of fun finding nematodes in the dirt samples we got from around campus. It took be about three days to find just one nematode but then I found like 3 more. My days in the lab have been filled with data collection, interesting presentations, and discussions on papers we have read. My favorite presentation was the bird presentation about nature vs. nurture. It was interesting listening about how the birds can make up their own song if they have no one to learn their own song from.

I like the wednesday activities because they introduce new careers to me, and some of the careers I had no idea that they existed. I liked learning about the oceanographers and hearing about the work that Rob Dunbar does when he goes to Antarctica. The presentations from professors and Phd students Interest me because I think I want to work toward a PhD after a bachelor's degree, and after high school. The research they do is very intriguing and it looks like they have fun doing what they do.