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Nicholas Mino

I have been so lucky to be able to participate in the SEYI program.

 July 7, 2021

I kid you not, in the first week of the internship I took more notes than I had for all of sophomore year.

I have been so lucky to be able to participate in the SEYI program. In just the first few weeks I have learned countless pieces of new information that will help me become a better scientist in the future and learned multiple new and important skills that will help me throughout my scientific career. Two of the most notable skills I learned were how to use image J and how to code in R. These skills make up a strong foundation for any aspiring scientist and are just some of the many amazing things the internship has to offer.

In addition to learning practical skills, the internship is tons of fun! The rest of the interns and I became friends over a few games of among us (I learned I am pretty decent at lying) and we spoke about various topics in our zoom rooms.

I also learned that I really love coding and find the highly logic based language of R to be quite fascinating. I also learned a lot more about the scientific process which opened my eyes to the complex processes people must use to answer seemingly simple questions.

I am also very excited to start working on a group project as I want to participate in amazing ongoing research and learn to solve some of the world's unanswered questions. After looking through some of the different abstracts, I have become more excited than ever about learning about paleobiology and the ancient earth.

Overall, the internship has been so fun and educational. I have had such a blast in just the first 3 weeks and I feel so lucky to have been able to participate.