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Alondra Soto

Having fun doing research

posted Jul 26, 2013

We have finally begun to work on our own research projects that my group and I have decided to take to AGU. Apart from working on our projects for the last couple of weeks, we have been trying to finish compiling all the ostracod data.

As a group, we have been learning about R which has been fun and a very new experience for me. We have also continued to have group discussions based on research papers that Noel gives to us a few days before the discussion.

I've been enjoying myself so far and I hope to keep having fun until the end of the internship.

Beginnings at Stanford

posted Jul 10, 2013

So far in this internship, we interns have been collecting data from books and plugging it into an excel file. Though at times collecting data gets a little repetitive, we are aware that it will benefit us greatly when we start our own research projects.

In these past few weeks, we have had the opportunity to attend some presentations from students and professors here at Stanford that have allowed me to understand just how broad the field of paleontology is. We have also had the opportunity to go on a field trip to a couple of beaches in search of fossils and I have learned that there is a very complex and interesting story hidden in rocks and fossils.