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  • Body Size Evolution in Marine Animals

    Understanding the evolution of body size in marine animals is one of the main research goals of the Paleobiology Lab and the History of Life Internship Program. We are working to compile as much information as we can on the sizes of marine fossils in orde
  • Body Size Evolution of Echinoderms

    Echinoderms are a large, diverse phylum of exclusively marine invertebrate animals. Echinoderms include groups commonly found in today's oceans like sea stars and sea urchins, groups like the sea lilies (crinoids) that still around today but less common
  • Body Size Evolution of Ostracods

    Ostracods, commonly called seed shrimp, are a large and diverse group of crustaceans characterized by their small size and having a carapace composed of two shells. Two groups of History of Life Interns studied the evolution body size in Ostracoda in 201