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Long Nguyen

working on my project

posted July 29, 2013

A month has passed since our field trip to the beaches local to the Bay Area. I have been doing more work in the classroom and compiling more ostracod data. The class has also started working on its projects. My partner and I are making considerable progress on ours, which focuses on blastoid size change. We will be presenting next week. Aside this, I have also learned more about the subject of geology. Last week, Noel taught us about faults and how rock formations are deposited as faults become active. I enjoyed learning this new information. I will continue to work more on my project and continue to gather more treatise data.

in real life in all their glory

posted July 06, 2013

The History of Life internship program at Stanford has been an amazing experience thus far. I am not only learning more about the environment and history, but also given precious opportunities to observe Stanford's campus as a whole. Noel is an excellent supervisor, always willing to help and clarify when I need it. The biggest highlight so far would definitely have to be the beach trip we all went on 2 days prior. It was one thing to look at images of echinoderms in treatises, but to see them in real life in all their glory - that was an entirely different experience. I am now more curious about nature and the meaning of life.